Kaohsiung ( ; Gāoxióng) is a sunshine city with a diverse culture and geology, that is home to the largest port and busiest harbour on the island. Kaohsiung used to be known for its steel and petrochemical industries, but now it is transforming itself into a centre of green technology, with a focus on cultural and business tourism. In 2020, ICCA Congress delegates will be the first to witness the completion of the Asia’s New Bay Area, the former city port which is taking shape as Kaohsiung’s new cultural and entertainment centre, a symbol of the city’s emerging fresh identity.

This young and transformed meeting destination is not just offering a platform for the 59th ICCA family reunion, but a dynamic spirit and exciting foundation for meaningful exchanges and social inclusion.


Weather: Kaohsiung has a tropical climate with humid summer and dry winter. For 11 months out of every year the average temperature exceeds 20°C. In November the average temperature is 24°C

Timezone: Kaohsiung is located in the China Standard Time (GMT/UTC + 8).

Currency: The official currency in Kaohsiung is the New Taiwan Dollars (NT$) - ca. 1 US-$ = 30 NT$ = 0.90 €. Major credit cards including AMEX, Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in major Kaohsiung area establishments. We recommend to have NT$ cash on hand as many small places or cabs will take cash only. It is required to bring your passport when exchanging curreny.

Language: The official language in Kaohsiung is Mandarin. English is widely spoken, especially by young people and in the cities, all major hotels and restaurants. Road signs and announcements on trains and buses are also given in English.

Electricity: Kaohsiung uses electric current of 110 volts at 60 cycles. For your electrical appliances you may need an adaptor and/or power converter.



Despite daily life in Kaohsiung is not affected by the pandemic, the border control and travel restrictions are still in place and will be till after the Congress. International travelers who enter Kaohsiung need to quarantine for 14 days. 

Download the Kaohsiung Business Travel Policy for more information. 


Nationals from 60 countries can visit Chinese Taipei for 30 to 90 days without a visa, including Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA and all Schengen Area countries. Attendees from these countries can go through passport control directly. Congress delegates from all other countries are eligible for an eVisa. Hong Kong and Macau citizens can visit Kaohsiung with a quick online registration. If allowed to travel abroad, Mainland China citizens can always visit Kaohsiung with a special visa.

Please contact the ICCA Events Department, if you require an invitation letter.

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