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Planning and conducting healthcare meetings have become increasingly complex as the impact of regulations, funding models, transparency, and time available for medical meetings have shifted focus for healthcare professionals as well as Medical Societies.

As if that weren’t enough, the global pandemic has forced most meetings online, presenting a whole new set of challenges and hurdles to overcome.

One of these challenges is the question about compliance regulations impact online meetings.

What are the implications on online and hybrid meetings in future when it comes to compliance regulations for venues, destinations, PCOs and ultimately the medical societies? These questions and more will be at the center of this series of Healthcare Meetings Conversations.

ICCA has again joined forces with IAPCO and IPCAA to bring to the ICCA Congress 2020 delegates a series of 20-minute, bite-sized sessions covering these and many new topics.

The pre-recorded sessions will culminate in a live Q&A session with the audience on 28 October at 14.00 CET. You can contribute to this session by sending your questions to the speakers through this SLIDO LINK.

The following sessions will be gradually uploaded to the Congress Broadcast Platform. You must be registered for the Congress to view each of the sessions as well as participate in the Live Q&A session.

Session 1:

Compliance, new set of rules for virtual congresses. Were we prepared? 

Christian- Claus Roth - Co-President - IPCAA
Martin Hess-Janorschke - Council Member - IPCAA

This 1st session in the series will kick off with the question of whether and how healthcare meetings compliance regulations have changed. How do the current regulations play in a world of online meetings, and what are key considerations of stakeholders when talking about virtual/hybrid events in future. 

Session 2:

COVID-19 - how have the different stakeholders (PCOs, Med Societies) adapted? 

Thomas Reiser - Executive Director - ISTH 
Alejandro Ramirez Tabche - CEO - BTC Americas

How are healthcare meetings experienced by different stakeholders groups? We will hear the perspective of a medical society and a professional conference organiser involved in medical meetings, as they discuss some of the key compliance considerations for online / hybrid meetings. We will include the questions of security and liability, as well as other considerations.

Session 3:

Virtual vs Hybrid – what are the benefits and barriers from an HCP & Industry perspective 

Martin Jensen - Past President - IPCAA
Andrew Moore - Client Partnership Director - Ashfield Meetings & Events

For many healthcare professionals, congresses are still the best place to continue their medical education. How has the emergence of virtual / hybrid meetings influenced activities offered and what content should be available online to a wider audience to extend the reach? What should be reserved for HCPs at the in-person meeting will be the key focus of this session.

Session 4:

Successful partnerships with bureaux and PCOs 

Bettina Reventlow-Mourier - Deputy Convention Director - Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau
Jurriaen Sleijster - President & COO - MCI

What are the new roles of destinations, venues and PCOs in a future of compliant, online medical meetings? What new business models could various stakeholders consider? How can they strengthen their partnerships with medical societies and between all stakeholders within the destination? These questions and others focusing on future opportunities, will be included in this final recorded compliance session.

Live Q&A session:

The pre-recorded sessions will culminate in a live Q&A session with the audience on 28 October at 14.00 CET. You can contribute to this session by sending your questions to the speakers through this SLIDO LINK.


Theresa Breining - Principal - Breining Group, Inc


Martin Jensen - Past President - IPCAA

Thomas Reiser - Executive Director - ISTH -

Bettina Reventlow-Mourier - Deputy Convention Director - Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau

Martin Hess-Janorschke - Council Member - IPCAA

Jurriaen Sleijster - President & COO - MCI

Christian-Claus Roth - Co-President - IPCAA

Andrew Moore - Client Partnership Director -Ashfield Meetings & Events

Alejandro Ramirez Tabche - CEO - BTC Americas

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